Almost daily highlights!

Daily highlight

Whoops, missed one yesterday. I had a render going but something went wrong and everybody came out sparkly. Terrible stuff!

Today though, the Silver sisters went at it!

Sassy sure does love to fly!
Sassy sure does love to fly!

Just because they’re sisters and they’re a tag team doesn’t mean they can’t beat the tar out of each other! Sassy used this top rope splash to take her bigger sister down, then slapped on her nasty little crossface submission to get the tap. Pretty nicely done I say!


Introductions – The Silver Sisters


Introducing the Silver Sisters

Olivia wasn’t happy about it, but I managed to get the Silver sisters to stand still long enough for an intro shot. These two will be one of our tag teams, but you can also expect to see them in singles competition. They really are sisters, although Sassy’s adopted, and their styles mesh very well. Olivia is a big powerful slam machine, and Sassy brings a touch of “ninja’d“, with speed and athleticism to burn. Both of them are also quite adept at submissions, so you can expect to see them score some wins in this league!

The Silvers especially dislike our other tag team ‘Red and Black’ (okay, specifically they hate¬†Amy Black and that’s not unusual), so look out for some fireworks once I get all four of them in a room together!