Ruby ‘Red’ Davis

Ruby 'Red' Davis
Ruby ‘Red’ Davis

Ruby ‘Red’ Davis

Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 23 
Style: Technical Powerhouse
Finisher: Backbreaker submission

Standing a statuesque 5’10, Red is the tallest wrestler at Scuffles 3D by an inch or two and she’s also one of the most powerful. Add a wide array of technical skills to the mix and she’s a formidable opponent for anyone on the roster. Hailing from Melbourne the 23 year old is studying biochemistry at university, though she still hopes to make her way to Rival Angels for a tryout once she graduates!

Ruby is the ‘Red’ half of tag team ‘Red and Black’. That’s why she wears black. They’re a pair of contrary individuals sometimes and they like to confuse me!

She’ll be competing in both singles and tag team competition and is a real threat to take out at least one of the titles in our first season.